By Bom

The Return of the Bees

I had a lovely catch up with two sisters this morning on Houseparty. This afternoon after a week of very cold and wet weather, the sun came out, the temperature went up and the bees came a buzzing. I got the hoe out and weeded the back garden whilst the soil was lovely and crumbly. At 4:30 I drove over to Sharington's to get some strawberries - I only saw 1 person with a face covering on out of at least 80 on the narrow crowded pavements in town and even she pushed the button for the pedestrian crossing and didn't use hand sanitiser afterwards but did then touch her mask!

Day 117 / Full Day 109 of Lockdown / Day 7 of Step 3 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 48 to 44,650. R no. in England rises to 0.8-1.0.  The WHO says the virus is getting worse, with the total number of cases worldwide doubling in the last six weeks. The DHSC publishes data which shows the Govt overstated the number of people tested by as many as 200,000. PM seen wearing a face mask for the first time and says that the Govt needs to be stricter on insisting people wear masks in confined spaces such as shops - heaven knows why he doesn't just say this in now mandatory! The UK is reported to be about to reject an invitation to be part of a EU vaccine development scheme. On Thurs the Govt strengthened its position re cruises, advising people against going. 

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