By Bella888

Mirror on Friday

A productive day. Made a privacy cover for one of the balcony windows, and a black-out curtain for the kitchen to shade out the morning sun. Ran 2 washing machines - the laundry basket is now empty.

Ikea delivered What should have been my new ½ sun umbrella (stands against the wall). Couldn’t wait to set it up, Only to find they only sent the base. Was ready to spend hours on the phone with Ikea. Then checked the packing note. It showed a zero against the umbrella. Looked at the email Ikea sent, to see on occasion they may send one item after the other. Looked at the DPD advice and sure enough two packages mentioned, the second due on Monday.

We finally got out for a walk at about 430. On the way Mr B chanced upon a small concave mirror lying on the ground. He ‘had‘ to pick it up and we disinfected it with my antibacterial. I spent the walk home playing round with themirror to take photos on my iphone.

My blip is of the, as always superb, floral displays at the Miramar. As soon as word of hotels reopening started, they re-planted all the beds ready for what’s left of the summer season and weddings on their lawn.
Weather really improved this afternoon. Sunny and pleasantly warm when we were out. The forecast is for better weather.

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