The care home will allow just one visitor and only by appointment.  So Clive went to see MiL. 

She's on a moving mattress and being given morphine as required. Clive found it most distressing. When my parents were dying, he was my rock so I'm sad that I cannot be there with him.

I spent a couple of hours gardening at work. It needed a good soak and cut back. I emptied the bins and cleaned the toilets. 

On my way home l met one of my members and his wife. By coincidence, I had called them in the morning so see how things were. She's not coping very well and is now on anti depressants. I asked if I would notice a difference in him. Now I've seen him and he has declined measurably.

Clive, Hetty and I had an early evening walk which ended at the Black Horse. A beautiful evening and plenty of social distancing space in the canal side garden. 

Mark's 2 sons (previous marriage) arrived from Wales.  They haven't seen their dad since February.  Mark was so excited and I felt a bit emotional watching their reunion.

3 G&Ts and I am not a drinker!

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