P1nkdragen and the Rhubarb Plant

I wonder if the rhubarb plant reached home complete with its leaves?!  I think it probably depends on how fast P1nkdragen freewheeled down the steep hill!

Thank you for all your good wishes about our gas carry-on yesterday.  The day was rescued by the arrival of some photos from across the pond which included this smasher, so immediately restoring our good spirits.  Then daughter P1nkdragen arrived on her bike this afternoon with shopping and we had a lovely garden catch up, more smiles.

I have been sharing a story from my College days which is pertinent today, so apologies if you have already read it elsewhere:  Back in the mid-seventies, when I was a student at Middleton St George Teacher Training College, on an ex-RAF campus opposite Teesside Airport, I went over to the Airport Cafe for a cuppa.  There were just two customers at the counter, myself and a tall, angular guy in a sheepskin coat.  We stood there for some time before he turned to me and said; "Not very good service here is it?", "No," I said.  I've had a soft spot for Jack Charlton since. 

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