By Veronica


A's sheep had an early appointment with a shearer today. Unfortunately we got there just as he had finished and the lightened sheep were skipping off to rejoin their unshorn lambs. Remember A's pet sheep? As a result of natural causes he now has 15 ... making shepherding a time-consuming activity. He was stuck in Germany during lockdown so they have been living in his brother M's extremely large garden.

After shearing A fetched his trailer and there was then a lengthy Laurel and Hardy effort between six of us to get the right combination of seven sheep into the trailer to transport them back to A's. Eventually we succeeded, more by luck than shepherding skill.  No dog, and these sheep are slippery beasts with no handles, aka horns. They were in and out of the trailer three times in different combinations.

M has built a palatial garden hut in a sheltered corner, showing his usual flair for decoration using repurposed materials (extra).

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