By Veronica

Two men and their lambs

No Internet all weekend, so I'm backblipping. Quite surprised it's working today actually, given Orange's status update yesterday ("circumstances beyond our control ... unable to give a date for repair ... apologise for the inconvenience").

We walked up to the bergerie to visit A and C. The heroic Lottie has had triplets again, second year running. Happily they've all survived this time although Choco the runt (on the right) gets supplementary bottles (see extra). S and A are comparing weights. Last year's runt Ringo is now a sturdy little 6-month old. Shepherding is getting to be a full time job for A, with six adult sheep and three lambs to look after. It's lucky in a way that the two other pregnant ladies failed to have live births, or he'd be run off his feet. He still takes all of them (except the lambs) for a walk every afternoon.

Yesterday's backblip is here.

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