Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Just another ordinary day #4

Nothing spectacular today. Just a picture of some of the colour on the balcony in the afternoon light.** I went out in the morning but forgot my camera. I didn't even think of it, which I guess is a good sign... Meaning Blip hasn't taken over my life!

G said we ought to try to leave home by 9:30, but it was becoming apparent that if we had breakfast, that would not happen, so I suggested getting something to eat in IKEA. G tried their vegetarian breakfast. I wonder if she'll have it again(!!)  I was about to have their grilled cheese sandwich (which didn't look anything like a grilled cheese sandwich). Then I spotted an omelette, so had that. None of our "hot" meals was hot. :(

We then did the much-anticipated grocery shop. First time in two weeks so the list was quite long, the cart got very full and the bill was the highest I've ever had for a grocery shop!

We got home before 2 pm; it is extremely hot outside. I'm wondering if grocery shopping is best left to the late evening for the next few months. G had to be creative to find room for everything in the fridge.

The rest of the day passed nicely. The movie Guess Who's Coming To Dinner was aired on TCM... very timely I would say. :)

** We saw no maintenance bougainvillaea in IKEA today!

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