Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

"Bad" Apple

It’s been over a week without my ipad.   Today I braved University Village  (seemed very crowded to me) and the Apple Store to talk to a genius …(oh my are they organized complete with screening and temp taking and plenty of distancing.).  Have you ever been in one that was this empty?   Krish (in extra, almost obscured by cleaning stuff) ) was no help unfortunately as mine is probably unfixable (the touch screen doesn’t work) and it costs a LOT to even see about fixing it and getting an old one in exchange which they didn't have.   “OK I’ll get the  new one!”   Nope..None to be had.    Over a month to ship from China.    Same with Best Buy  ..over a month!

Well OK, we are very lucky that we and our family are well and have enough of everything we need, but I’m just going to whine a little as I am really missing the iPad for the great photo apps (can do on the iphone but it’s so much harder, small) reading kindle books, and DRAWING!   SO.. as I was sitting waiting only a few minutes on my stool 6 ft away from anyone, I chose this drawing on the big screen to blip.    

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