This is the last picture of my hive now taken down to one small super on top with a few frames in.
It looks so small to me.
Tonight Morag will come round late evening to move them with me.
I am a bit worried as they are extremely heavy, those that know me know of the operations I had on my hands the falls I have had broken wrist. But it must Bee done they have been stoning next door to me. This basically means it is a strong hive. I know what I face tonight is a have to and I think upto now I have been stung with or without suit on around 25 times but as a beekeeper you must expect them to defend the save the colony. My heart is so heavy today I can’t think straight. I have even dented my car.
I know they are only bees but they are my bees. It feels as if my children have all move to Australia.
But I must firm up. Things must be done.

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