Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Well, we had a little rain in the night and everything's a bit greener.  However, by the look of the long range forecast that's it for the next two weeks, so I shall certainly be watering the garden in the morning.

I caught up with this rather wonderful moggie around lunchtime.  He lives very locally and Hazel has to pretend quite hard that she isn't AT ALL scared of him!  And before you ask, no I wasn't lying on the ground to take the shot, he was curled up on a top step waiting to be let in.

Since then I've been chopping back in the garden and filling a green sack of garden waste to be collected tomorrow.  It always amazes me how much of gardening consists of chopping plants to pieces ;))  I've also cooked a very good (I can say that as it isn't my recipe) creamy fresh pea and basil soup and am about to make a pear and peach crumble.

And that's my day, or most of it.  Have a good evening, lovely blipmates  xx

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