Keep On Running

At 7am I drag my sleepy ass out of bed; enquire at Tooli’s door if she is conscious and willing; and then I go downstairs and pull my bike out the shed.

By the time I have got my bike round the front she is at the front door step... and we set off.

To the end of the road; turn right; down to the beach then left straight on....

Oh to the car park at the beach; turn round and head back.

We pass the lady with bike and dog twice; we pass the Pet Shop lady with Labrador; sometimes the two men on bikes pass us and say ‘morning ladies’

I take videos of us running and post them to Instagram... today was especially awful. It was cold, dark and threatening rain. The way along was blowing with us - on the way back - against.

I could barely breathe when I got back... but guess what

I’m Gonna do it again tomorrow

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