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Thistle And Fly

Finlay was a lot better this morning - but I am still keeping him to short walks (30 minute or less), don’t want to set him back too much.

So I had to take myself out again afterwards - only by the time I was ready to go it was raining (again). Managed almost 90 minutes though - and didn’t get too wet. Photographed the damp thistle and fly whilst I was out.

After lunch I fitted a couple of new shelves into the old fridge and freezer housings in the kitchen (had a large piece white covered chipboard in the garage to cut them from). The units have just become storage since we got the new free standing fridge/freezer - now we can get more in the cupboards. New kitchen not likely to happen in the foreseeable future, until this pandemic is over, no one is coming in the house!

Made a batch of scones as well - vegan ones - to use up some dairy free spread and coconut milk that we previously used to make cakes for our granddaughter (who unfortunately has a severe milk allergy)!

Also spotted an acrobatic squirrel trying its luck with the peanuts (extra) … squirrel proof feeders are bloomin’ expensive!

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