Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Catching His Breath

I've felt very guilty the last couple of days because I hadn't put out any fresh water, nectar, fruit or seed because I wasn't feeling very well.  After I saw this poor Curve-billed thrasher sitting in the shade on the dead cholla branch, I took care of them.  These guys can be bullies so when I see one of them hogging seed at the Bird House Café, I'll knock on the door or slide it open to get them to fly away. (I often do the same thing with Gila woodpeckers.) But the cool thing about these birds is their pretty song.

I'm posting a day late again.  I have been trying to avoid screens later in the day to help improve my sleep and it's been a good decision. As a result, if I take photos in the late afternoon or evening, I don't get around to processing until the next afternoon.  I have been wearing blue blocker glasses over my regular ones for watching television in the evening, trying to give myself a good 30-45 minutes break from that before bed, too.

Q: Who invented scissors?
A:  Leonardo da Vinci

Q:  "Cirque du Soleil” started in what country?
A: Canada

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