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More Clean Water

8th July 2020:

The village has faced many challenges, some of these are water pre-school and also forest. Now they are blessed having the pump in the village, it has solved water problem in the village, they have open Wells but not protected and the installation went well. People in the village are poor they depend on farming, they grow maize and pumpkins for selling and also used for consumption, they are happy and thankful for having safe water in the village.

District: Kasungu
Area: Kamboni
Village: Kaziputa
Distance from factory:  189 kilometres
Depth of well:  3.34meters
Former water source: Pond
Furthest from well:  341metres
Number served: 90
Preschool:  none
Primary school:  25minutes
Secondary school: 2hours 30minutes

S: 13 19 05
E: 33 10 32

Mr Alfred Kafera 0995268422

Ewan Hogan a true country boy from the Wicklow hills Ireland
Pump Number

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