By wellsforzoe

244 more people with clean safe drinking water

9th July 2020:

Waterborne diseases was a major problem in the area but now villagers are safe due to the donation, they have been using open Wells in the past which was not safe, they are proud having the pump in the village. People in the village are poor they do depend on farming for food and selling, there is no pre-school in the village, they are thankful for having the pump and they promise to take care of it.
District: Kasungu
Area: Kamboni
Village: Madziatayika
Distance from factory:  297 kilometres
Depth of well:  5.71meters
Former water source: open well
Furthest from well:  292metres
Number served: 244
Preschool:  none
Primary school: 15minutes
Secondary school: none

S: 13 20 16
E: 33 10 27

Mr G. Ngozo 0996084423

In memory of David Richmond a Scottish man who rarely drank water

Pump Number

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