Marking Time

By Libra

The new normal

Wearing a black mask and a black sweater I realise, too late,  I look like a terrorist. Too late to change, already late for my optician appointment.
( Lesson – must learn how to dress for the new normal.)
Afterwards I stroll through the town. Its buzzing with people and traffic with cars ignoring the new 20mph limit. My favourite quirky furniture shop has a new display of funky deckchairs featuring iconic works of art.
Celebrity chef Nick Nairn is busy preparing revamping the outdoor eating space for his restaurant, the former Jamjar, which will reopen on August 10th.
But it’s not all-good news. My optician tells me of all the plastic she gets through each day with a change of plastic clothing and masks after each client and it goes straight into the dustbin, and later landfill.
What does this do for the environment? As for plastic bags they have made resurgence.
Oh yes, M tells me he has been invited to a zoom wedding in August. Now that should be interesting….

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