The Courtyard Dairy

Still in Settle - (every time we go there it seems to rain!) - and had a lovely walk with our friends, before lunch at the Naked Man Cafe (best meat & potato pie I've ever tasted).

On the way from our B&B to our friends house, we passed a Cheese emporium, called The Courtyard Dairy.The cheese shop has been awarded by the world cheese awards the accolade of Cheesemonger of the year. Simply had to look in. 

I could have bought the entire contents of the shop. I did taste a few, and left with a sheeps milk cheddar (slightly pecorino-esque, and a Devon Blue, which had a lovely smokey-dryness. Just as I was leaving I spotted the cheese on the right of the counter (looks heavily marbled) - asked what it was - A pecorino with truffle. I had a taste, and the flavours exploded on my tongue. Absolutely amazing. Even at £45 a kilo, the cheese has so much flavour you only need a thin shaving at a time. 

Can't wait to go back.

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