By Missycat

Day 116 Colourful

What could be more colourful than the set of 20 glitter shakers that I bought with art projects for Violet in mind.  I have managed to make them even brighter with the help of Picasa and given them a 'lollipop'swirl in PS Elements.  In extras I've added another equally bright version.
 In other news:  Thursday is my day off from childcare, so I made good use of it by sorting my bed linen chest and my white t-shirt drawer(yes, I do actually have an entire drawer devoted to white tops) and managed to fill several bags ready for fabric recycling. I also managed to get together a mini mid-week roast for dinner, which was delicious and worth the effort.
Matt Hancock announced that some restrictions in Leicester will be lifted on 24 July, but non essential retail will remain closed.  Schools and nurseries  can open again, although even state schools would have broken up by that date.  I can understand why there is anger at this 'targeted' but not quite targeted enough approach.

Many thanks to Ingeborg for her continued hosting.  Please do follow my link to see her own fabulous colourful entry.

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