Crash aftermath

This truck crashed onto its side in the same spot as the last crash I photographed. The newspaper called this part of Interstate 68 Moose Curve. I wonder why it's called that.

The speed limit on the interstate is 40 mph (64 kmh) because it's narrow, winds a lot and is at the bottom of hills. Still, trucks come barreling down those hills and slide when the roads are slick. Or dry in today's case! It makes for interesting times. The interstate detour is in front of our house, so we had a few hours of loud, slow traffic. Bruno barked at so many cars, which is why I was up early to get this photo.

In other news, my best friend called me yesterday. We only talked for about 10 minutes. He asked if I was able to come to his wedding in October. Sadly, I likely won't be able to because this dumb country can't get the virus under control. It's so sad. Also, he said a day or so earlier he lost his senses of taste and smell. He had been to a house party a few days before that. He's being tested for COVID-19, but the loss of senses is a symptom. He's intelligent too. Just let his guard down. Come on, man. I only hope he's not one of those youngish, fit people who suddenly dies from a blood clot or something because of COVID.

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