... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

The Rookery: Posing Pigeon

Even finer feathers in large.
Meadow brown
Large skipper
Green-veined white
"Well, hello!"
"Uh-oh! (3/3)" (Imogen's favourite)

Mum, Im, and I went to the Rookery in the early afternoon. I was hoping for a butterfly blip, and managed to photograph quite a few with the macro mounted. BUT then we found ourselves in the middle of a wood pigeon frenzy: I was crouching to photograph pigeons on the path when another one landed right next to me (above me on a post). It didn't freak out so I got some very close shots before a male pitched up and started chasing all the females around. I've never been so close to them (inc. in flight) so it was rather fun.

Others here (or right from Mirid on leaf)

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