The second half of life..

By twigs


What a glorious, mind-switching day :)  17 degrees, which was, oddly, the same temperature F said she had back in England! Diametric seasons, same temperature.  Go figure.  Global warming down here and global cooling up there maybe?

Anyway, it was one of those afternoons that grabbed me by the arm and dragged me (very willingly) out into the garden for a few hours.  What a fabulous feeling of rejuvenation.  I didn't get as much done as I thought I might but hey matter.  And when I finally decided it was time to head back indoors for the evening I was amazed to see it was after 5.30pm!  Woohoo.........I feel gooood.  Bring on spring.  Speaking of, this was a tendril from the grapevine that is yet to be pruned.  

T is doing reeeeeeally well back at home now :)  Eating a little more, becoming a bit more mobile, looking a whole heap more healthy and connected and generally, being more like the T we know and love xx  Long may it continue.

In COVID news, we had one new case today and with no recoveries to report, the active cases goes up to 22.

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