Eat More Stilton

Apparently we are in danger of losing Stilton cheese.
A month or so ago many newspapers carried the story of a 30% fall in the sales of Stilton, apparently driven by the fear that it may contain coronavirus.  Oh dear.
Fair enough, a good Stilton does seem to develop a life of its own.  I usually leave ours out until it gets itself into the fridge, it’s about grown up enough then - mature you might say.
An appeal has gone out for us to eat more Stilton.  Well we have done our bit towards keeping the industry going.  Let’s hope others do the same.
Yesterday’s traumas have gone away.  Both the dentist and the web-hosting company had glitches with their computer programs sending out incorrect messages.  My dental appointment for this morning had not been cancelled, and we had paid for our domain name!
The problem with the BBQ was me so angry with the dentist and website host.
This morning I had the next phase on my dental implants carried out, amongst copious apologies from the dentist.  I was the only patient in the surgery, just me, an office staff lady, and the dentist - very strange, but no waiting!

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