Kendall is here

By kendallishere

Second rehearsal of Silent Voices

We had the second rehearsal, fans blowing, masks on, never more than 7 people in the building at a time. I worked outside with the 3-person chorus while Donna interviewed the mothers of people killed by police, asking them to bring their children back to life so the actors who will be performing them could know them better.  I peeked in on the interviews and made this photograph while the chorus was taking a break.

Meanwhile Portland continues under siege. Protesters continue risking their lives to defy a fascist takeover of our city. 

In other terrible news, John Lewis has died. There's a beautiful tribute to him on a new Blipper's journal. 

I am heavy hearted and feeling glum, despite the beauty and power of work on Donna's play. Each of us doing what we can: I'm sure that's how change is made. But at the moment, nothing feels enough. Thank you for your many empathetic messages of solidarity. 

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