By Ridgeback13

Eye eye

Off down to P’s this morning to do his shopping, but then pushed on to clean....the place was in a state. Pretty challenging, and I needed to go and buy A LOT of bleach for the sinks, but pleased at the progress I made. He agreed it’s been getting him down but not sure how to tackle it...definitely need to get him help again although he’s wary of having someone in the house given virus concerns.
Afterwards went to Mt&H’s for a cup of tea and some cake and chat, telling them about my adventures this morning, then took the kids to the play park and for a walk to give Mt&H a bit of peace. We looked for blackberries, and just like the bilberries in the woods, AR keen to try them and pick the few already ripe, but Mx more cautious. Lots of chat and playing at the park, AR latching onto a big girl and chatting away, whilst Mx climbed, swung, ran around and went back and forth through the tunnels.
Stopped off at K’s on the way back and there was inside and garden play with all the old favourite toys. Mx loves the pirate hat and delighted to find an eye patch too....although he wasn’t at all keen on the plastic moustache! He refuses to take his jumper off, or ever wear shorts, and was so hot it wasn’t surprising he’s constantly thirsty. Muggy feel...not really very sunny. So fed up with the weather at the moment, and the forecast for when we’re at the cabin is dreadful....lots of rain.
Back to T&Kt’s just as they were leaving for a BBQ, so I put some laundry on and made supper then settled down for a quiet evening with Heston catching up on Greys Anatomy.

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