The pond is in!

We were a small army of workers in the garden today: the Head Gardener (Paddy), his Assistant (Caitlin) and I were joined by my middle sister (Paddy's mother) and her husband (Paddy's father). Paddy and his father focused on the pond (blipped), while the rest of us continued to dismantle the big mound of compost.

As payment to the workers I served homemade soup, salad, cheese scones (triangular - because this is the rule), tea, and lemon drizzle cake at appropriate points over the course of the afternoon.

After our visitors left, I tended to the yarden while listening in to Mr hazelh's Sunday family Facetime call with his sisters and parents.

The evening promises a game of Carcassonne and an episode of Mrs America.

Oh - and no ill effects from yesterday's run - hurrah!

Exercise today: gardening and yardening.

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