Peaceful Evening Skies

Furlough Day 96, 19.07.20

To note : I have been in this house 4 weeks this weekend :)

A damp early morning, so I had a lie in, but Charlie decided that having ruined the carpet once this morning (and I cleaned it up and went back to bed) she'd do it again even though the cat flap was open and she'd access to outside (and a  litter tray in the kitchen :(:(  

She will be shut in the kitchen tonight, and she will not be happy at all...but what else can I do - she has to go through the lounge to get to the kitchen from the stairs.  I have taken to shutting the kitchen door if she's outside during the day when I'm upstairs or out because I can't cope with this much longer...

Its so upsetting :(  

In the extra you can see where Charlie has been lying for most of the day (yes even in the rain and wet this morning).  She no longer climbs the fences, or I haven't see her climbing, so something must be really upsetting her I think.  Plan to call the vets tomorrow to see if they can see her before the 30th when she's got an appointment anyway...

Apart from that and another lovely church service and zoom today, not a lot has happened.  I meant to do lots, but didn't!  

I'm starting to make a weekly plan for the week as I can't go on with doing nothing now.  This week though, the Minister and wife would like to call on me at some point, so I'll get all the housework done early on :)

Has anyone got a solution for ants on the patio near the house - they're ruining it with their digging up of sand etc...there are millions of the wretched things and I know they're only outside just now, but I find them so annoying I can't put any washing out for example.  I am thinking of getting poison for ants outside, that I've looked up on the internet..but have seen other suggestions - lemon juice, baking soda just a couple of ideas online...

Have a lovely evening!  Downton Abbey is back on ITV1 :)

Happy Sunday folks :)

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