Mask Making

Furlough Day 97, 20.07.20

Firstly, many thanks for all your advice and comments on Charlie's misdemeanour!

Well it appears that Charlie survived me shutting her in the kitchen last night to stop her ruining my carpets anymore...

The mystery is - how did she get out of the cat flap that was locked to stop her going out? (Although I can't work out how to stop other cats coming in)...

One clever cat!!

Secondly she allowed me to pick her up and stroke her this morning, she never used to let me do that without scratching...

TB 1 Charlie 1

(the next problem to resolve is how to let her use my flowerbeds as a toilet - fine, but she doesn't bury it :(:(   Think I will just make a space in the back corner by the shed and put some cat litter there...

This morning I got my sewing machine out for the first time in quite a few years and thankfully it works even though the thread kept snapping I managed to make my first ever mask :)

I have a few disposable masks from the chemist and a couple I bought online...non of them particularly comfortable.  

This one though (in a kit from hobbycraft), maybe a bit loose...  I am a bit slow and a bit of a perfectionist at sewing, so this maybe improved on next time around.

Back killing me now, as I only have old fold up chairs to sit on at the table and they are without a proper back...

And relax!

Happy Monday folks :)

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