Coming into the LIght

Furlough Day 98, 21.07.20

An early morning (9am) visit to the lake at Dinton Pastures which I visited last week :)

In the extras, a rather fun capture I got of an angry seagull, a baby coot and I think a red headed grebe - but too far away.  I also think I ca;ptured a wading heron today - but the images are rather poor :)  

Just added my first ever butterfly in my new garden from yesterday evening on my washing :):)

I will have to go much earlier, because it was unbelievably crowded at that time (and schools have only broken up today)...

After that B&Q to get metal paint but I thought they did it in a spray and I couldn't find any, so came away with nothing.  That too was busy...

After that I visited a friend at the office where I work.  C is on the front desk of the building, but she's leaving on Thursday, so i went to say goodbye, but we'll keep in touch :)

Then home to the news, like so many others, that my holiday in August has been cancelled.  The Retreat House cannot open due to current regulations.  Here's hoping for a day or two there in the autumn...

The usual catch up with my Manager and now I'm shattered!

Happy Tuesday folks :) 

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