Fruit harvest

Fruit picking wasn't my intended gardening today but the bushes looked so laden I thought I'd better pick before they dropped! The fruit cage has been well worth the expense and the labour to construct. No birds to attack the fruit and our hens can eat any that are split. It took quite some time to pick these, sort them and top and tail where necessary. In fact it took me the three hours I intended to use for planting the cuttings taken from Barry's parent's garden yesterday! I managed to get a bit of planting done. I'll finish the rest tomorrow. 
Luckily dinner was a hotchpotch of leftovers, with a cauliflower thrown in, as I wasn't much in the mood for cooking once I'd finally finished outside.
I have finally ordered a face mask. I hate seeing people in the street and shops wearing them but know I have no choice. People's facial expressions are who they are and I miss them!

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