By Happyme

On the way home

Yesterday we visited Barry's parents, they have had no visitors, apart from deliveries, or been away from their home in almost 5 months. I took lunch made with produce from the garden, a quiche and salad and his mum made dessert, apple snow as she calls it. We went to celebrate his 92nd birthday which is today. They were over the moon to see us and we had 5 hours of non stop chatter, leaving us all exhausted! I took them photos on the iPad of their grandchildren and great grandchildren as they have no technology themselves to able to keep up to date. They were thrilled with it all. 
While Barry and his dad were chatting 'house renovations', his mum and I went into the garden to take cuttings for me to bring home. I now have lots to do tomorrow! They have a lovely garden, I should have snapped that, but we were so engrossed in the moment that I didn't take any photos while we were 
This photo is the journey home, the sun shining which was lovely as we thought the day may have kept us confined to the house, see extra photo, morning journey! Luckily most of the day was like the latter rather than the former!

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