By amandoAlentejo


Today (well, it was today half an hour ago) was our 34th wedding anniversary, and we've had a really special day, even though we'd planned nothing (thought we might take time off next week to do it).

First of all, our Sunday grapefruit and croissants (and kefir and coffee) outside on the patio. Then off to church for the first time in many months; in the parish centre with all sorts of new precautions and almost suffocating in our masks - but was so good to be with folk again, and the deacon who led it (Pe António was away) was so kind and gentle.

Then Ermelinda insisted we went to theirs for Sunday dinner with their son and his partner. Followed by a good nap. And then off to a sort of English (they've all lived all over the place) get-together at Netty's (she's the one with her girls either side of her) pool; her husband has just finished quarantining after arriving from flying planes for Cathay Pacific out of New York.

Lovely, relaxed time, though we hardly know them. Eileen's daughter (the two on the right) works for a Dark Sky place, so she pointed out Comet Neowise to us after it got dark.

- this day just plain gifted to us 
- marriage to this special man for all these years
- the beauty of this place - the road to Mourão in extra

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