By Doyley22


I thought these little decorations at the house of Ninniex looked relaxed as they draped around the mantelpiece above the wood fire.
I know that is stretching it a little but this is all I have for today after having driven home from the southwest after a fabulous weekend with Ninniex and the Driver.  Thank you to the pair of them for their hospitality - they do it well, by the way.  X

In extras are a few shots from the weekend.  I hope you can take a peak at them:
1. A moody scene at Castle Rock;
2. Sea Eagle at Meelup;
3. Surfer at Yallingup;
4. A little Robin at the house of Ninniex;
5. Looking south at Yallingup Beach with a grey cloud looming and
6. A little lichen - a little blury.

Thank you 60plus for hosting Mono Monday.

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