Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Broadleaf Wild Leek

This morning I did various jobs including sorting out my mobile phone contract. I thought I had sorted both of them a few weeks ago, but then looking online, my deal did not look the same as my husband’s. However, it is the same deal only worded differently, because the deal had changed!
I also emailed various people and have committed to a Mensa Quiz on Wednesday evening; no doubt I shall come last! I am not good at quizzes.
My husband cut the grass this morning, it was getting rather long, so those wildflowers have now disappeared. The grass in the orchard was easy to mow as the deer and rabbits had kept it short. The animals do have their uses, despite eating my plants and flowers. However, today’s picture is of a Broadleaf Wild Leek, which is growing in the designated wild area on the south-eastern side of the orchard. There are several of these which are now flowering and hopefully there will be even more next year.
The temperature was twenty degrees Celsius at GMT noon.  

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