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By arkensielphoto

Bishop's Stortford Street Scene

Today's picture is of South Street in Bishop's Stortford, taken after leaving the Mensa meeting, which I hosted in Waterstones cafe. This was an excellent meeting and the most people that have attended; nine people this month.

We did not go into Bishop's Stortford until almost lunch time and only wanted to visit two shops, before having lunch. Things did not go to plan and I did not get lunch in Cafe Thyme. We managed to purchase what we wanted in one shop, relatively quickly, but the second shop took a long time.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a second-hand Galaxy watch; I never buy anything second-hand and against my better judgement, this time I did. I did not think it was working correctly and although I played with the settings and did all that I could it was not syncing my steps with my phone. I took it back and for forty minutes the “expert” in the shop did all of the things I had already done, even looking on Goggle to see what else he could do; I had already done most of what he did! Finally he told me that the app I was using was “crap”. The only thing they could do was a factory reset, but by this time I had decided that I would sell it back to them. They did all the tests and declared that it was okay, unfortunately I did not take the charger with me so I am going back today to get my money.

Our family visited once we got home and despite telling them not to buy presents they did. While they were there I purchased a new Galaxy watch, using a discount service that my granddaughter gets through work, she gets “perks” and I got a discount; it will be here on Monday.

The temperature at GMT noon today, was the same as yesterday, twenty-one degrees. 

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