Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


I was up at silly o clock this morning to track my family back into London Gatwick airport. I had stayed up late waiting for them to take off; they were almost an hour late although the boards said they had gone on time! So very little sleep for me last night as I tracked them some way across the Atlantic Ocean before losing them. Despite taking off late they were only five minutes late landing. This morning I fed Sybil and did the usual morning routine at their house all before 0700 hours.  A certain little cat that has been very good since her family went on holiday was very pleased to see her Mummy; there is no substitute for your Mummy.
I went to the keep fit class, but did not do any of my workout before hand, which I normally try to do; I decided the keep fit class would be enough today.
The weather has not been good with lots of intermittent showers between brief bouts of sunshine. The temperature was a cooler eighteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon. 

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