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Well, I hope this may be the last you have to hear about my dental adventures - and I'm sorry that the only photo I took today was of the x-ray of my jaw on the dentist's computer. I must say it's been increasingly traumatic living with that tiny bit of tooth on the right; I'm glad to report that it's no longer there. I also have to say that my usual dentists are exceptional. 

They're a husband and wife team who spend a month every year in Malawi, doing dental work as part of a charity called Smileawi. I can only imagine how it must feel to walk miles to have an abscess dealt with; it was bad enough driving down the road or walking 20 minutes. However, both they and I benefit from their calm, cheerful, reassuring professionalism  - and that's what I experienced today. That bit of tooth had apparently been loosened by the infection that set in after the first attempt at extraction; my dentist poked at it, opined that she thought she could get it out - and did. "It's a boy!" she said - perhaps to distract me from the sensation of its departure...

That was this morning. I've spent the rest of the day hazy on painkillers, except for half an hour holding up a branch of a lilac tree while Mr PB cut it off. I'm away to take more painkillers now, and make some pasta. Onwards and upwards ...

And I finished my book. But more of that another day.

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