Pictorial blethers

By blethers

In foreign parts …

I think today showed me how this part of the world - Newhaven, in the north of Edinburgh - can differ from the west as far as weather goes, and, as far as we were concerned, beneficially. The morning began pale grey and still, not cool outside but certainly not hot, and it wasn’t till almost lunchtime that the sun broke through. After all the social joys of yesterday (yes, I’m thinking of Jerusalem the Golden!) we were having a quiet sort of day, which involved pottering across the road for lunch on the terrace of Loch Fyne and sitting in the sun with the paper until a delivery arrived for #2 son.

For the rest of the day we had two walks round Lighthouse Park bookending a trip to see grandson Alan’s football training session with Spartans - impressive levels of activity on a warm evening. I’d have loved an action shot from this, but it’s discouraged… So my blip is of Newhaven Harbour at about 8.45pm, with a small section of the crowds outside the two fish restaurants on the harbour wall. You can’t see the little groups sitting on the breakwater or strolling along it in the evening light as if they were in Crete …

It’s actually rather wonderful.

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