Life Savors

By osuzanna

TIny Bird, Tiny Seed

The main sunflower field is a bit past its prime but this is when the birds really love it.  There was no shortage of Goldfinches when I got there this morning, but it didn't last long for me or for the birds.  About 20 minutes after I arrived, the birds got very quiet and disappeared, so I packed in it and returned home.  I was quite a wilted sad sack from the heat by then anyway, so it was just as well and will teach me that I need to get my fanny out of bed just a little bit earlier.

The indigo buntings are still eluding me.  I have included another shot of a goldfinch in the extras. 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left such love comments, stars and hearts on my last shot.  They are greatly appreciated. 

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