Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Summer of 2020 at Scheveningen,

Midsummer's day with sunshine and some clouds and temps up to 20°C at the most. That's far too cold for a day on the beach for me and apparently for many more coz it wasn't busy on the beach and promenade.

Nevertheless, Midsummer and due to COVID-19 most people spend their holidays in their home country... most of the Dutch in the Netherlands than, but certainly not all on the beach; what's perfect as the new order demands social spreading / no mass meetings on the beach f.i.

The sudden 'return' of the evil virus here in Europe is like a wake-up call and we're reminded to be careful in our movements and social life... OH and I'd love to return to our old normality! Apparently our return there goes slower than wished for... Stay Safe you dear Blippers! 


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