Raindrops on an agapanthus

I do love agapanthus. They're just starting to flower here and the huge blue heads are bursting out. In the early spring I split a plant in the hope that it would revive. It did! I was surprised as the poor thing was frozen solid (despite the mild winter). There are now four for the price of one all flowering. I couldn't decide between the main and the extra. I like the mono for the structure but it seems a shame to deprive blip of the gorgeous blue.

Awoke this morning after a much more restful night. Thanks for all the sympathy. Its an absolute menace but insomnia has been  a companion for a long, long time and I'm used to it.

I'm working today, from home of course. It's good to do this and use my brain in a different way. I'm blipping during the lunch break and before I dial in again.

The PM is visiting Scotland today. I imagine he's chosen meetings at which he'll get a good reception.  There haven't been any Covid-related deaths in the past 24 hours (thank goodness) but 16 new cases. The virus is still stalking us. Test and Protect seems to be working well.

The sun has reappeared. Yesterday was a washout so once work has been completed I'll be getting out for a good walk. That's the plan anyway.

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