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By arkensielphoto

Another Butterfly

Today’s picture is of another butterfly feeding on the Buddleja flowers. There were not as many butterflies in the garden today, several whitish ones and two Meadow Browns which did not stay still long enough to get a picture.
The quiz last night was not too bad and at least I was not last. I did not do very well in the music round which was about musicals, who was in them, who wrote them etc. However, I did very well in the numbers round. Overall not too bad and I shall attend again next week. After the quiz finished I went to another Zoom meeting, which was the monthly Mensa pub meeting. I would have liked to stay at this meeting longer but at 2230 hours, I was in danger of falling asleep!
Today has been a strange sort of day where I did some reading as well as knitting. The chap from the garage arrived around teatime to collect my husband’s car is it is having its MOT tomorrow.

The temperature was twenty-two degrees Celsius at GMT noon.  

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