By pandammonium

Back on the road

Henry’s MOT was due in May. I remember worrying about it until the government extended MOT certificates by six months (mandatory testing restarts on 1 August).

I metaphorically bumped into my mechanic last month, who said I should get the MOT done before the mad rush. It was done yesterday, and after two worn tyres had been replaced, Henry passed first time, surprising everyone: it took two weeks to get him through it last year.

I took Henry for a spin up the back roads to Denver sluice in Norfolk and back down the A10 to Tesco. It was really good to get back behind the wheel.

Tesco was stressful. I wore a mask for the first time, and I felt like an eejit. I wasn’t the only one wearing one, though. From tomorrow, we’ll all have to wear one.

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