By Ridgeback13


Started the day with tea and the crossword...crikey I’m out of practice!
A morning of meetings and some catch up emails then round to sit with the kids whilst Mt was having an interview and some other meetings and H was in London with her Dad. They were mainly playing in the garden and then on their iPads so I could get on with some more work and also an informal meeting that didn’t mind when they gatecrashed.
Back to K’s for supper....and the good news that A’s birthday present (new bike) has arrived in the shop and so she’ll be able to take it to the cabin with N’s....will be good to get her into cycling again in a lovely setting.
Planning last few things to do before we go tomorrow....mix of cooking for supper on our first night and finishing a few work things and remembering to put my out of office notice on....always the key marker

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