Mystery Solved - Sprouter!!

A few days ago my blip was a ‘Mystery Gadget’. A few of you gave some good guesses. A couple of people knew exactly what it was but didn’t reveal the answer so others could truly guess.

So here is the mystery revealed - A seed sprouter! I’ve had this for years and used to use it a lot. I love sprouts! Either on a salad or in a sandwich, like this tuna sandwich here.

Back when I bought it (20 or so years ago?) it was almost impossible to find ready-made sprouts in the supermarkets in the UK. It seems that in the last couple of years they are now readily available in the salad section.

The disadvantage of making your own is that it takes several days. First they need soaking for 8 hours and then they have to be rinsed and drained twice a day. Not a lot of effort, but harder when I am working away from home and usually not home long enough to do that every day. That explains the clue in my mystery blip.

I bought the sprouting pumpkin seeds at the garden centre a few days ago. I thought they were a bit expensive. I will see if I can find some at better value, otherwise I will revert back to buying them ready made. It’s been fun to watch these grow, though!

You don’t need a special gadget like this. You can also use a glass jar with a piece of cheesecloth attached to the top with an elastic band or string. But this one is easy to use with the prop for draining. If anyone IS interested in one of these it can be found here, as well as a larger option for making multiple sprouts at once, harvesting them all at staggered intervals.

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