Infra Red Dog

I'm just back from a walk with Pepper as the rain is starting. Good timing as it's quite heavy.
I am planning to use some of my prime lenses over the next few days to get out of the habit of using a zoom to frame my shot. It will make me think about things a little more. I had the 17mm (=35mm) on my IR camera and the 25mm(=50mm) on my normal camera. I have a few of Pepper in the IR scenario as she is retrieving her ball with the wide sky as background.

A little later I noticed a spider's nest in the grass. It's amazing how these creatures use the grass stems and weave a safe structure for their babies. Mum was there keeping guard. (Extra)

Pepper chased a rabbit in the field but she didn't catch it thank goodness. The rabbit, though, went faster and further than it had originally intended!!

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