Going to Pot

There were several butterflies around today as I was doing more digging, plus unfortunately some wasps that kept bothering me. The flowers on the buddleia are higher up the shrub at the moment, so it was difficult to get a good shot, but fortunately this peacock kindly obliged and posed on the outside of an empty garden pot. Hot and humid today and mostly sunny. After Wimbledon, my favourite sporting event to watch is the Olympics. Today should have been the opening ceremony for Tokyo 2020, fingers crossed that it can go ahead next year. 

Day 131 / Full Day 123 of Lockdown / Day 21 of Step 3 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 123 to 45,677 with new daily cases up by 770. The R rate remains 0.7-0.9 with the virus prevalence still reducing by between 1-4%. The introduction of of the mandatory wearing of face coverings in shops etc in England seems to have passed without major problem. The Winter flu jab is to be made available to 30m, twice as many people as normal and including all over 50s. Boris says that '...the single thing that we didn't see at the beginning was the extent to which it was being transmitted asymptomatically from person to person.' It's reported that scientists have discovered an enzyme that gives the virus 'camouflage'. UK retail sales in June were at near pre-lockdown levels.  

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