As Pretty as a Peacock

Boy is it hot - 33C showing on my car's thermometer when I popped out to pick up a parcel this afternoon. Too hot to be out for long, which is a shame as I do like nice sunny days, I'll be glad when the weather changes on Friday and I can get back to normal. Just managed to get into the garden and take a photo of this lovely peacock butterfly on the buddleia this afternoon. Off to the annual awards at camera club tonight if I don't melt beforehand! 

All the best of luck to the new PM given the awful numbers in parliament and the political knives that have been sharpened even before he's in post or taken any decisions. And all the best to Teresa May after all she's had to put up with from backstabbing colleagues and political opponents. And as for the bias in reporting by the Press, it's a miracle if any PM achieves anything!!!

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