By dogwithnobrain

Wheels are in his eyes again

We had a day out today!

Day off from the ‘home office’. And we headed out in the car to this new normal.

The car journey was fine - same old same old.

First stop. the Helix.... public toilets. Closed. Coffee shop inside. Closed. Contemplated holding the two doors open and using the space. But we declined.

Then we headed to Edinburgh. Parked at ingleston Park and Ride.... office closed; toilets closed.

I pointed into the bushes for Tooli and said; it’s nice and dark in there. You’d be able to go there....

As I pointed in and as I did. I glanced round and my eyes met a lady of my own age; crouched in the bushes. The whites of her eyes glowing at me in fear...

I said. ‘Or not’ and walked on.

Masks on. And boarded the tram. So many seats marked ‘ do not sit - social distancing’

We managed to find two and Si stood between us.

Twenty minutes is a long time to sit masked. Your face gets very hot.

We stopped at hay market and ran into the station to use the toilet Closed!

We crossed the road to a pub and asked if we could come in for a drink and the toilet.

It was fine. We were shown to a table and asked to download an app to place our order and pay.

Toilet was immense!

We then wandered to Lothian Road and a stationery shop.

We all filed in. Masked up. Once we were in she had to shut the door to stop anyone else coming in. So we made Si leave.

Lunch at a bar across the road ... all fine offer of app again or bemasked wait staff. We opted for the staff. Nice personal touch.

Lunch and drinks had. We wandered back down to the tram stop. - sears also marked with ‘distancing’. The guard told us as we were altogether we could sit together - but we didn’t. The sign said no!

Then we drove home

And now we are exhausted

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