By dogwithnobrain

I need somebody to know

I sent Bernard away nearly three and a half years ago; to live with my friend.

I filled him up with love and Reiki and sent him over to fill her with love and reiki to get through her battle with stage four cancer.

I didn’t expect him to be away for so long. We did all fear the worst.

Over the last three years there have been ups and downs. Good days and great days. She’s travelled to see her family; she got well enough to get out of bed again; she made it to three Christmas night outs. And she got married and had her first wedding anniversary.

There grew a greater space between our messages - latterly she resorted to leaving me voice messages as texting was too difficult.

This was one of the last photos she sent me - apart from another one of her looking FAB-U-LOUS with her hairdresser. It’s Bernard sitting on her bed - hopefully taking some of the weight of the pain.

Her journey ended last night, Bernard’s job is done.

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