Life Savors

By osuzanna

Blue in the Yellow and Green

I set the alarm for 5:30, determined to get to the sunflower fields early enough to have plenty of time to capture shots of the Indigo Buntings.  When I awoke, it was pouring rain, but my weather app said it would stop around 7 am so I had some coffee and headed out about 7:30.  

The rain had kept the crowds away, so there were only 6 or7 cars in the parking lot when I arrived.  There were a few buntings around, but I had trouble seeing them because they seemed to land low, under the flowers making it impossible to get a shot most of the time.  Finally, this one landed within my sight and I managed to get a few shots off. It's not the money shot, but it will have to do for this year.  I have included another one in extra which shows this same bunting giving me the stink-eye with a bit of attitude as I tried to get his photo.   

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